we’ve moved!

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i’m now blogging over at hialissa.com! its still a work in progress..a couple of things to tweak here and there. who knew the internet could be so confusing!? well did actually, thats why i got help from a friend of an internet friend. anyway, if youre a frequent visitor remember to change any of your bookmarks or whatever you used to keep track of things. change is hard for me but this could be fun. so…yay!

all the things you do

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liv does so much now. everyday, or at least every week, shes got some new trick. something totally cute and too grown up for her tiny self. shes always enjoyed watching me fold laundry and lately i’ve been letting her do the socks. basically she just puts them on her head like she does with everything else. and today she put that pair of boxers over her head like that. soon she’ll be dressing herself. not that soon actually, but she is kind of advanced. she has 2 teeth now, on the bottom. theyre her little bunny teeth. so cute. 2 teeth means shes biting. me. my shoulders. ouch. she’s also biting baby mum-mums. and yogurt melts. its so cute to see her holding a little cracker and then to hear the little crunch. other mouth developments? she spits. like blowing raspberries in the air. i have it on video but flickr only lets you upload 2 a month and i’m not paying for the wordpress update. anyway. crawling is old news already. standing too. she pulls herself up on things like its nothing. she scoots down the couch. shes even stood on her own, without holding on to anything a couple times now.

these 2 steps?

she crawls up them without assistance. we are in trouble. she’s very strong willed, screams when shes unhappy about something. i try not to laugh but sometimes its so cute. she was the same way before she was mobile. i wonder if shes going to talk early too? she hands me the toys she knows i do funny things with, like putting the strawberry on her head

(except thats the apple, which is weird, because i always use the strawberry). she tries to stack her stacking rings. when i make a tower out of her cups, she carefully takes top one down first, and then knocks over the rest. bottom line? she is awesome and i love her.

and i hope she grows up to love tattoos :]


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“Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of love.”
— Maureen Hawkins

♥ pool baby ♥

•April 26, 2010 • 2 Comments

so oahu seems to think its summer already, which is fine by me. we packed up some sunscreen and livi’s little bikini and headed over to my parents house. my mom had bought this little pool for liv so my sister blew it up, filled it with water and tada! the cutest shit you’ll ever see.

she actually played in it twice that day because it was so fun. and it was a lot warmer the second time around because the sun had time to warm the water up. we took so many photos…like…too many.

mamas got some chicken legs.

ok ok, enough! are you dead yet? death by cute is so fun.

sometimes liv does homework.

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my little paper lover

•April 23, 2010 • 2 Comments

i forgot to add this picture!

stairs & cat tails

•April 22, 2010 • 5 Comments

stairs & cat tails

Originally uploaded by alissawins

she loves to climb these stairs, almost as much as she loves playing with cats.


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